Banana is known as a fruit that has a high calorie content. So maybe many people are confused if you want to eat bananas as diet foods.

However, although bananas have more calories than other fruits, the fat content is not too high. So that banana is an ideal fruit for anyone who wants to maintain weight or lose weight with 3 week diet reviews

Bananas provide optimal nutrition to lose weight by modifying other foods you eat. Bananas are filled with some nutrients that are essential for maintaining health, such as potassium and magnesium that play an important role in maintaining high blood pressure in a person.

Studies have shown that bananas have the ability to control blood pressure and limit salt intake. High calories in bananas can help you maintain your daily caloric needs as an extra energy, as reported by onlymyhealth, Thursday (7/6/2012)

You can adjust the caloric intake you need with bananas as a means of dieting. Previously you need to discuss with a nutritionist how to manage your calorie intake.

In other fruits, Vitamin B6 is not found in the right size for the body but a single serving of banana has more than 30 percent of the daily amount of vitamins the body needs.