A year ago this man has a weight of 158.76 kg. Super fat body that makes the fear of a sudden heart attack. Not wanting to die in vain due to obesity, the man then strict diet and exercise and managed to lose 80 kg in 11 months.

The man is Will Nevin from Alabama USA who is now 25 years old. His fear of an obesity-related illness came last year when he was 24 years old.

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In January 2010, Nevin experienced a tightness in the chest and heart that beat fast while traveling from Alabama to California. At that point he wondered whether this might be a heart attack. But he just kept quiet and did not tell his friends.

Slowly the symptoms disappeared and he resumed his journey and stayed afloat not to consult a doctor for 3 years. In addition he also experienced a sensation of tingling in the legs, after doing a search on the internet he became worried whether this might be one symptom of diabetes.

Things that happen this make her more worried that there is something wrong with his health and may be life threatening. This fear also ultimately encourages Nevin to do something.

Nevin realized that he did not have a healthy lifestyle such as eating while watching television, not doing physical activity but eating a lot. This condition makes him obese with weight reached 158.76 kg.

In the last year when he was 24 years old, he began to think that his lifestyle would make him unable to have a long life and become a weak and sickly person.

This condition encourages him to do something, then he also intends to do a healthy life that starts with diligent exercise at the gym. Although initially feels strange and strange, but he is determined to make changes to him.

He also slowly began to change his eating habits by reducing the consumption of red meat and increase the intake of vegetables and fruits. Within 11 months he managed to lose weight as much as 80 kg.

"I also had time to feel frustrated, angry and disappointed when the numbers weighed did not show results," said Nevin, as quoted from Medicalnewstoday, Friday (5/8/2011).

But he is not discouraged and still trying to lose weight because he did not want to be diagnosed by a doctor suffering from heart disease, diabetes or other serious illness. Now with her weight dropped, she also felt her body more fresh and healthy.