Depending on the type of sport or activity we are, then there are certain muscle groups that require a longer stretch. For example, if you do weight training, stretching by lifting weights ranging from light for a few minutes until we were a little sweaty. After that, the weight and start with slow movements. we also can start simple stretching exercises that focus on the muscles or muscle groups that are important in fitness such as the hands, chest, shoulders, back, abdomen, thighs and calves. So, Choose the type of stretching movements to relax the muscles section earlier.

The muscles and tendons (tendon-tendon) has viscoelasity nature, meaning that the muscles and tendons will react differently to body temperature conditions are different. The physical properties of the muscles and tendons are very different. When conditions are cold then they become easy stiff and tense. Conversely, if the conditions warmed up the muscles and tendons will be more elastic as a bungee cord.

Based on the nature of that warming up before exercise is needed. Heating can usually be done with light cardio exercises like running in place or jumping jacks for 1-5 minutes. When you feel your body is starting to warm it means you're ready to start the main workout.

Here, the role of stretching or stretching required. Stretching requires maneuvering or movement that could prolong and extend to the muscles and tendons soft parts of the body. The right time to stretch is after warm enough.

Stretching can be performed safely every day and should involve all major muscle groups (main). Generally, the adults have four points tense muscles that can be predicted in advance. The four points, namely; the front of the shoulders, lower back, knees and calf muscles.

If you are already experiencing a muscle cramp or strained muscles, the muscle tension likely to have occurred at four points earlier.

Another example when you are going to do a practice run, you should warm up your body feels warm and continue to stretch in the calf muscles, knee and ankle. After warming up and stretching pretty you are ready to run.

Stretching can also be done during exercise and after exercise, or can also be done in the midst of your busy life outside sport akitivitas, to prevent muscle tension from sitting too long or standing too long.

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