Besides knowing the types and benefits, pay attention to the content contained in the milk protein is very important that you drink, especially if you're in the program pursue a decrease or increase in body weight. A healthy diet that you live of course has to be perfect. Therefore, let's identify more diverse types of milk that are around you, Bro!

    Cow's milk. Milk is usually no full cream and skim milk. The difference? Fat content! Usually full cream milk still contains the whole fat milk, skim milk while the fat has been separated, so it would be better for you who want to regulate body fat intake.
    Soy milk. Milk is a result of processing soybeans. Because it comes from plants, this type of milk do not contain saturated fats and cholesterol at all, Bro! In fact, soy milk can help lower the bad cholesterol in the blood.
    Almond milk. Similarly, soy milk, almond milk also because it comes from plants. This milk does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats altogether. Definitely a 'do'! Usually if you are not able to drink either skim milk and full cream milk due to lactose intolerants, milk from the plant could also be an option because it does not contain lactose.

There are many other kinds of milk that contains and the benefits are immeasurable. However, make sure that you drink milk has nutrients in accordance with what you need ya,

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