The sink in the kitchen which contains bacteria   100,000 times more than the Term Bacteria in the Bathroom.

In A Day, A Bacteria can be multiplied Up to 8 million cells. IF NOT cleaned Operate Regular, kitchen Yang Being FOOD Points preparing for the review can be Being friendly bacteria breeding nest.

The following steps can be Being GUIDES singer hearts Keeping kitchen From Bacteria that cause disease.

Replace the sponge Operates Regularly

Sponges The  use every day to wash your review Tablesetting And cookware containing THOUSANDS of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella. Singer objects is difficult to clean, making Better replace WITH sponge Operate The new routine. Also singer Applies to review lap Dishwashers, Dryers Sundries, Dan Yang aprons should be washed at least once a week.

The Cutting Board DIFFERENT

IF possible, use Cutting Board for a review of Yang DIFFERENT Animal meat, vegetables, and seafood. As much as possible washing singer and other cooking tools with warm water and soap Dishwashing. It is because the singer A Cutting Board contains three times more bacteria than the Period Bacteria are on the surfaces Seat toilet.

Until cooked meat processing

As always cook meat reaches 70 ° C. Make sure NO meat pink Remaining. More Than Half Raw chicken contains bacteria campylobacter What can be causing Severe diarrhea and vomiting.

FOOD Cooling

Placing FOOD That Still Hot temperatures Jump Into the hearts refrigerator can be made Become The bacteria proliferate. Refrigerate briefly FOOD BEFORE To achieve Room Temperature To put the refrigerator.

About Operates Regularly wash

Hand Is a Main Source spread of bacteria. Wash FOOD BEFORE prepare and taxable income Cartoon Costume Plush Toys Raw Materials in the kitchen that can be Spread Risk Reducing Bacteria that cause disease. As much as possible using the best washing Warm And soap.

Clean the kitchen every day

Fix ALL Cookware And Dirty Dishes Done Spot taxable income. It follows singer-HAL is worth a Concern When cleaning the kitchen.

Spray the entire surface of the kitchen table, place the sink, and faucet WITH liquid disinfectant air. Singer product generally has formulated to kill bacteria review Simultaneously Safe for review be used in place Processing FOOD. Allow up to 10 minutes, then wipe with a clean cloth.
Remove Remaining FOOD Already More Than old prayer day, vegetables that already withered, And Products That exceeded the expiration date From hearts refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.
Dispose of garbage every day and clean the bottoms basis hearts trash BEFORE use Back.
Save cookware The Very Rarely used ON Points That Separate And Dispose Already Damaged. Keep kitchen   Always neat.
Place the hearts Raw meat refrigerator cooling ON Closed areas. Make sure the refrigerator temperature is NOT more than 5 ° C for a review Keeping QUALITY FOOD.

The cleanliness of the kitchen, place the Frequently referred to as the heart of the house, so that the health of FOOD The Stay Awake Family eaten. Delaying clean the kitchen Means let bacteria breed and make it triggers the disease.

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