Healthy and beautiful shiny hair is definitely a dream of every person, especially women. But what if your hair look flat, shiny, dull and unruly as greasy? How can the right way to handle it? find more in Health Blog And Reviews

The scalp contains a natural oil (sebum) produced by oil glands (sebaceous glands). Sometimes these glands work too hard to produce more oil. As a result of coconut skin becomes oily, the hair looks dull, limp, lifeless and difficult to style.

There are several factors that can cause oily hair and scalp, namely:

    Androgen controls oil production in the skin. High levels of androgen hormones can trigger the skin to produce more oil. For example, young people, women who are menstruating, women taking birth control pills, or those taking hormonal supplements to increase muscle mass.
    Oily hair can be passed down from parents to children. If the hair is the father / mother of your oily, chances are your hair, too.
    Having more oil glands in the head.

Tips and Don'ts Overcome Oily Hair
Healthy and shiny hair can be owned by anyone, including those who have oily hair. Some of these tips you can do at home as a basic guideline to reduce or overcome the oil on the hair.

Wash your hair 2-3 days. Do not wash it every day because it will make the oil disappear quickly. As a result, more oil will actually be produced. Additionally, Wash with warm water but use cold water in the last rinse to seal the cuticle and makes hair shiny.

    Use a special shampoo for oily hair to remove excess oil without making the hair becomes dry. Ask the expert advice to hairstyling or doctor.
    You can also sprinkle baby powder on the roots of the hair that seemed not too greasy. Loose powder will absorb the oil.
    Eating healthy foods and beverages.

The habits that we do with the intention of beautifying the hair can actually be bad if it continues to do, for example:

    Using conditioner on the hair roots because it will make the hair become more oily. Simply apply at the end of the hair.
    Using a lot of hair gel because it will make hair look oily. Besides sorting-choose hair care products.
    Too long comb my hair because it will stimulate the glands to produce more oil.
    Often straighten your hair with a flat iron. Heat from a hair straightener tool triggers the production of oil to protect the hair shaft.
    Like a hair. The more often the hair is touched, the more oil is produced.

Although it does not work on all people, you also can handle oily hair with a variety of natural materials such as:

    Lemon juice. Rinse hair with a mixture of 1 lemon and 1 cup water. Then rinse hair with warm water again. Lemon juice helps control the buildup of shampoo on the scalp.
    Soak hair in the mix a quarter cup of vinegar and a small basin of water. Then rinse with warm water.
    Rinse hair with tea water. Tea contains tannin which can cope with oil.

Some of the above can be a solution to cope with greasy hair and care for the beauty and health of your hair. Also do not forget to ask for advice and opinions from a doctor or a hair expert.