Want to look cool by uploading a morning run activities in social media you, Bro? In modern times like this, it turns out this one sport has become a healthy lifestyle which is applied a lot of people. Sometimes, other people see the post can be our motivation to live a healthy life. Then, how to start getting used to go jogging?

One of the benefits that can run you feel is the increased stamina. You can choose one of several goals you run: run as far as possible, running as long as possible, as well as improve overall stamina. To achieve the benefits of running sports, you have to start little by little. Consistent, patient, and gradually. No results were achieved maximal exercise instantly, Bro!

Next, try to run slowly, but in the long term. Do not force to sprint suddenly, without heating or familiarize run first. This will only make you at risk of injury.

Do not forget to utilize your training schedule as well as possible. optimal run will you get through careful planning. Run three times a week, and use another day to rest. As a result, you will not be too tired, and your stamina will be maintained, even increased.

The last but not least, make sure you enjoy your run, Bro. Do not make you run activities as a burden so that the benefits of exercise can you accomplish this one to the fullest!

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