Now you are more interested to try infused water, but not know how to make it. Relax, this article also describes how to easily create infused water.

The earliest and important to do is to wash fruits, vegetables, herbs, or other ingredients until completely clean. Then do the steps below:

    First, put the fruit or vegetable into a glass or container of any infused water. Use a wooden spoon or scoop a little unusual for pressing and mashing the fruit / vegetables. (Tip: first peeled oranges from the skin that does not produce a bitter taste.)
    Second, use a concoction of spices or herbs and finely crushed leaves. It aims to help release extracts and natural oils from herbs and spices are mixed with water.
    Finally, add plain water, mineral water, or any water that has been cooked. Infused water ready to drink!

How Infused Water Storage:
Infused water can be stored in an airtight glass, jar, glass carafe, water bottles, gallon jugs, or containers of any kind. All depends on the choice and the best for you. But the best way to store infused water is allowed to stand in the refrigerator up to a week or until the fruit flavor is not there anymore, and you can add more pieces of fruit again.
Nutrient Infused Water

Infused with drinking water, it means getting the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are naturally present in fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and other ingredients. With a record: water is the water catchment infused fruit / vegetable / other materials, is not the same with juice. So no added sugar and calories of fruit been absorbed into the water-and therefore the water is called "infusion" (infused) for that reason. You just her "infusion" the flavor into the water with all the nutrients naturally from fruits, vegetables, and spices.

So, how do you want to drink water? Do they like to drink plain water or are bored and want to taste this new health trend? The choice is in your hands. But there is no harm in trying to make your own infused water to see if they could be more refreshing your days.

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