Want to be slim? Perhaps you already imagine a strict diet program that requires you to abstain from various kinds of good food. This reason so many people are reluctant to seek to be slim. And you can stay slim despite eating foods like tasty. Here's how to lose weight without a strict diet!

Set Meals

Replace timer 20 minutes before meals and eat slowly within the time limit. One of the customs of the slim is to eat slowly to savor each bite and chew up a new smooth swallowed. If you ate in a hurry, the stomach does not have time to give a satiety signal to the brain these are things that trigger overeating.

More Sleep

According to researchers at the University of Michigan, who sleep 8 hours a night experienced a weight loss of 6.3 kg in a year. People are consuming about 2500 calories per day-a considerable amount but still within normal limits. This may be because the activities slept late night snacking replace activities that could lead to obesity. In addition, there is evidence that sleeping less than 7 hours a night can increase hunger and make you plenty to eat.

Use glass Tall and Thin

How to lose weight sounds simple by wearing glasses is tall and thin. This can help reduce calorie intake from beverages. You will drink 25% -30% less juice, soda, sweet tea, or other calorie drinks. How can? Visual illusions can fool our eyes to consume less or more. People who wear glasses tend to be short and wide to drink more.

Drinking Green Tea

Numerous studies show that green tea could increase the calorie-burning process, it is likely due to the phytochemical content of catechins in green tea. With more drinking green tea could at least replace the habit of drinking other beverages high in calories.

Eating at Home

Eat home-cooked meals at least 5 days a week. Cooking can be easier than you think. Purchase materials prepared meals, such as meat that has been minced, vegetables that have been washed, peeled beans, chunks of chicken, or fish seasoned if you are lazy to prepare foodstuffs.

Sensitive to 'Pause Spot'

Most people have a 'pause eat' naturally-when they put the cutlery before the food runs out. At this time, try not to impose themselves in the feeding again. This is a subtle signals from the stomach that you're full, but not until the glut. Most people are not sensitive to these signals.

Here are some ways to lose weight without having to undergo a strict diet. You do still have to keep the food, but not necessarily to completely abstain. Remember that many slim people also like to eat sweets occasionally.

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