It is not only women who could become victims of acne. The men could also taxable. Originally there was a pile of dead skin cells and oils that clog the pores, red bumps that can appear instantly.

Acne can certainly interfere with the appearance and reduce the level confidence. When acne attack or to prevent its arrival, you can make 8 simple tips!

1. If you're having trouble, try to not very tense because acne can be present when stress strikes.

The stress of work and loads of other issues? Well, you better start getting used to a more relaxed now. If the womenfolk used to share stories with his closest friends to share the burden, maybe you can distribute it to the hobby.
2. Avoid lots of staying up late, also try bedtime for 8 hours per day can be met.

Many men who are used to staying up. Whether it's because of insomnia, watching the ball, tasks, to work overtime. Typically also the ritual of staying up will be accompanied by the presence of a cup of coffee. In fact, the actual caffeine content in coffee itself can lead to acne.

In addition, the condition of the body that do not fit because of the need to sleep for 8 hours per day unfulfilled will make the body vulnerable to disease, one of which is acne. If not want to start now stricken with acne should improve your sleep cycle yes!

3. Use sunscreen in the sun, do not expose unprotected skin to the condition.

Often not wearing a moisturizer and sunscreen will make skin directly exposed to sunlight. Besides the danger of ultraviolet, when the skin is in the sunlight will automatically remove the oil and sweat to protect. Well, here's the accumulation of sweat and oil that can clog pores and cause acne. If you are lazy to apply sunscreen or sunblock, you can use a cap or other cover objects.

4. Do not ignore the sweat pouring for physical activity, is what can lead to acne also.

Men are more active and likes to do physical activities outdoors. However, men also often ignore it when the sweat flowing. When in fact the grains of sweat is dangerous because it can accumulate dust, pollution, and germs that clog pores. From now on, do not hesitate to wipe the face with a tissue every time the sweat was dripping so that acne is also not easy arises on the surface of your skin.

5. Reduce the lazy habit of bathing. From now on you should bathe two times a day.

Lazy bath could be a habit of men in general. Though this bad habit can also trigger acne you know! Sweat and dirt on the skin could be the source of acne. However, too often was also not good for skin health. Because it can dry out the skin and pile of dead skin can clog pores. It is recommended you shower 2 times a day, morning and evening.

6. Clean room and wash bed linen regularly, messy room is a nest of dust, germs and dirt that cause acne.

Besides lazy bath, the men also often lazy to tidy the room and change the bed linen. Though germs and dirt may nest there. For all you know, the bed linen is something very frequent rubbing against our skin.

In this way, the germs and dirt that nest there could easily switch to the skin and cause acne. From now on, do not be lazy to tidy the room and do not change the sheets when it smelled. Better to periodically change the bed linen every two weeks.

7. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol for a while. Two things here that could be a major trigger acne.

Often the bad habits of men not far away from cigarettes and alcohol. Though the two bodies can trigger acne, you know. Yes, alcohol can affect hormone while toxic substances in cigarettes can cause swelling of acne from the inside. If you do not want stricken with acne, you should stop taking the two items above.

8. Shave the mustache and brewokmu periodically. Hair follicles that grow unchecked can cause acne appears on the face.

Many people here are a mustache and beard. And, in fact, unkempt hair follicles and allowed to grow wild could become a hotbed of germs and bacteria. We recommend that you trim mustache and beard on a regular basis so that not be a nest of germs. In addition, note that the technique not shave irritation. Shave in the direction of beard growth so that later the hair follicles do not grow into and cause acne.

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