In the sport of boxing, weight factor is very influential in ABILITY motion and agility. A boxer must have an ideal body weight. Being overweight can reduce agility. Though agility is a very important factor to win the game. Weight loss is also used to determine the grade in the sport of boxing. A boxer competed by considering the weight of the same or a little difference. a featherweight that have the weight 55 kg. He will compete with boxers that have the same weight, and lightweight with a weight of 60 kg is also competing with the same weight.

If a boxer is overweight, then immediately he had to lose weight, is the way a boxer in the sport of weight saving is run during the day.
This method is very effective to reduce weight. Running in daylight conducted between the hours of 10 to 2 pm. How to do this is to wear a jacket. Running during the day under the hot sun can both quickly burn body fat. Body fat is the source of a person is overweight. By doing jogging during the day, the amount of body fat burned is much greater and faster to lose weight up to the desired condition.

Powerful Ways to Lose Weight

Running is one physical activity that requires great energy. Given this huge energy requirements, the number of calories to be burned is much higher.
For some people who want meurunkan weight quickly, choose the right time in a span of 10 hours until 14. When the sun was blazing. Choose the time of day as the most appropriate time in order to achieve weight loss through exercise run. It was based on the belief that during the day the air layer that is on the ground is more tenuous than the existing air layer at the top. This condition occurs because of the strong sunlight shining on the Earth's surface during the day.

During the day when the sun's rays emit heat, the oxygen content in the air is getting thinner in number. In conditions like this, if someone is doing physical activities such as running will make the lungs bekerjalebih hard to breathe air that has a low oxygen content. This situation makes the lungs more have the ability to suck air in large quantities.

Automatically, when the lung is able to inhale a larger, will increase the endurance of the human body. This is what makes people become more healthy karen oxygen that enters the body the greater amount.

actual activities run in the morning, afternoon, or evening is the same. Because in an effort to lose weight, which serve the purpose of running this activity is the burning of fat and calories in the body. Thus, the amount of fat and calories you burn will be determined by how long a person conducting a run. And not determined at what time the person could make a run for the levels of calories and burn more fat.

At the moment after making a run during the day, should not drink cold water. Drink warm water or appropriate to your body temperature. Drinking cold water in large amounts can cause the body to be shocked or even convulsions due to the sudden cooling of the body.

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