Until now multiplayer games online shooter genre has been growing boring. Often many shooter games display only first-person perspective (First-Person Shooter) or third person perspective (Third Person Shooter). However Holodrive, Shooter game developed by BitCake Studio is able to be different. This game has the look Side-scrolling, where players can move the character to the right and to the left, around a battlefield full of color. And the characters are shown in this Holodrive shaped robot with Super Deform too cute cute but deadly named Dummy, this Holodrive Even later on, you can customize your own character. There are a lot of costumes and weapons that can enhance or customize character. No hats, head, body, arms, legs, skin, and jetpack all of which you can customize using the sticker you get. Although the Side-scrolling game that looked ancient, displayed graphics shooter game that this one is very indulgent eye. With 3D rendering, this game is also wrapped with animations and graphical effects that are not less because they with other games.

Holodrive is a fast-paced shooter game, so the combat system in this game full of shooting action that will certainly adrenaline. In the game there is a Deathmatch mode where your duties in a fight is to score as much as possible with Dummy kill others and try to survive as much as possible with three other players. Dummy is designed to be capable of carrying seven weapons at the same time. When playing, you can also take weapons and ammunition from the battlefield. Or you can use the weapon of another Dummy you kill. You can get different weapons by going to pack, do the craft, or use the free arms that are randomized every 3 days. You can buy a pack using the currency of this game called Bits. Every time you finish a game, you will get a number of Bits.

Holodrive been released on Steam since the date of March 25, 2016 and, although it has not become a product final game. So if in the future there will be changes, the developer will not be responsible for these changes, because it reminded at the beginning that this game can be accessed early. Holodrive you can try to buy a supporter pack provided during this early access

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