Lime, orange wrinkled that contains citric high, even 10 times larger than the content of citrate in tangerine or six times as sweet orange. Citrate content reached 55.6 grams per kilogram. The content of citric acid is often used in the world of beauty for skin and hair care. In addition, the vitamin C content of its high makes this fruit worthy of use in potions ageless. Various studies have shown that vitamin C is an antioxidant that can prevent the occurrence of wrinkles or dull skin.

How to use this fruit is relatively easy. Simply by rubbing the inside of the fruit is split into the skin of the face or use it as a mask mixture.

Bitter, aging inhibitors andrografin content, androfolit (bitter substances), and in a bitter panikulin a natural antibiotic. This substance helps the body from the inside to reduce the risk of skin aging and maintain the function of organs from the effects of free radicals.

Bitter extract is able to increase the body's defense against infection that lowers the quality of the organs in the body, including the skin tissue. Typically, this material is used in dry form or extracts of leaves, stems, roots, and flowers for durability.

Turmeric makes radiant chemical constituents of turmeric essential oil in them as much as 6 percent, the yellow dye called kurkuminoid 5 percent (covering 50-60 percent curcumin, monodesmetoksikurkumin, and bidesmetoksikurkumin), protein, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and vitamin C.

Turmeric is commonly used as a herbal medicine together with acids or in powder form (capsules). Turmeric is also often used by women to facilitate menstruation and relieve menstrual pain and menopausal disorders.

To maintain health and beauty, in addition to the acid, can also be mixed turmeric white pomegranate skin and Sidowayah. Turmeric works from within the body to make skin look more radiant.

Gotu kola, stress reliever As medicinal plants, gotu kola is used mainly by people of India, Pakistan, Malaysia, and most of Eastern Europe thousands of years ago. He is believed to increase endurance (long life), cleans the blood and urine accelerate. This time is used as a tonic to strengthen and improve the durability of the brain and nerves. The plant is also used orally and topically to increase blood circulation to the arms and legs.

In addition to improving memory, mental, and stamina, gotu kola can help balance energy levels and decreased symptoms of stress and depression. These stress conditions can make the body get old.

Utilization of these plants is relatively easy, ie taking them directly as fresh vegetables or prepared vegetables. Although not entirely because of its consumption, many people believe gotu kola potential to be developed as a custodian of health and youthfulness.

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