After the success with the release of the Japanese version of Grand Kingdom dated 19 November 2015 ago. Now the NIS America Grand Kingdom is planning to release the American version, which is matched in the summer of 2016 in North America later. Precisely game developed by Tomohiko Deguchi and MonoChro studio will be released on June 21, 2016 to PS4 and PS Vita, both retail and digital versions. In fact, they have also released a new trailer of Grand Kingdom this American version. In new trailer is on the various factions in the game, and some of the features that will appear in his game. The trailer certainly all of them speak English, and even the character was already using the English dub. However, Grand Kingdom this American version gives you the option to use English voice track or Japanese freely.

Grand Kingdom is set on at a time more than 100 years since the fall of the Empire Oldein. Four countries are competing to seize power on the continent Resonail. War no longer involve knights loyal to the state, but it involves the most expensive mercenary paid by a country. As a mercenary leader, you will lead your army to fight between warring nations, while completing quests given by each country. In line with the fight for the sake of battle you face, you will begin to unravel the mystery of the fall Oldein the Empire hundreds of years ago. All that you can solve all the more in Grand Kingdom!

In Grand Kingdom, you will control a mercenary army and chose to defend one of the four major warring factions, expanding the territory to continue to attack enemy territory, as well as defend the territory from enemy invasion. Grand Kingdom also supports online multiplayer, even in Japan registered as online gaming (supports Cross Play between PS4 and PS Vita), although you can also play it offline. Faction that you choose will affect the opponent will you find when you play online.

NIS America provides a wide selection of pre-order bundles Grand Kingdom American version that you can choose. Grand Kingdom bundles "PS4 Launch Edition" contains Bluray Game, 5-track CD containing music, and air-softcover artbook. While the "PS4 / PS Vita Limited Edition" offers a Game Bluray, CD contains 15-track music, posters, stickers, air-hardcover artbook, and a collector's box. Last is a bundle of "Grand Edition" in which offering you goods of "Limited Edition-" it at once additional Cloth Map, Pin Set, and Art Print.
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