Good bacteria in the body not only maintain balance. Good bacteria that relieve diarrhea disorders in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) was also able to slim body.

People who have this kind of good bacteria that live in the intestines, then the body has the ability to process energy and change the fat that comes from food changes.

While people who are obese and unhealthy tend to maintain microbes that can improve fat storage process. This is the factor of their excess weight gain.

The team of researchers from the Arizona State University Biodesign Institute, the University of Arizona and the Mayo Clinic in Arizona found that everyone has a population of different intestinal microbes.

Even after a person performing a gastric bypass surgery is likely to have a microbe similar to a normal body weight. The findings have been reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The results obtained are still limited to the initial stage and could be one new clue for doctors and patients to cope with the growing epidemic of obesity.

"This study shows that the differences in organisms in the body can play at least some role in terms of weight loss," said Dr. John DiBaise, a gastroenterologist from Mayo Clinic, as quoted by TIME, Thursday (1/4/2010).

Dr Dibaise said with this research allows manipulating microbes in obese people in order to have normal weight. These microbes also potentially predict a person's susceptibility to obesity or being overweight.

"But to be slim does not mean that someone should consume exotic yoghurt excessively, because the dominant strain that exists in people of normal weight is not the same as the microbial strains present in yoghurt," said Dr. DiBaise.

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In addition there is no evidence to suggest that probiotic products can lose weight. A scientific study found that probiotics can only relieve diarrhea due to antibiotics and reduce the risk of IBS.

More studies are needed to see if people who lose weight through diet and exercise also change the composition of microbes in the intestine as happens in people with gastric bypass surgery.