Tomatoes have a high content of lycopene. This makes acne scars immediately moved away.

This cute red fruit is a powerful used to remove acne scars and black spots are stubborn in advance. This is because tomatoes have a high content of lycopene, lycopene functions to whiten and brighten skin. Besides tomatoes also had higher levels of vitamin A and C are high as well as very good for skin health especially your face is being met by the bulge of acne.

How are you doing too simple really. You only need to destroy the tomatoes to mush. Then the tomato pulp and apply it on the entire surface of the face. Allow to dry and let stand for 15-20 minutes. Then wash your face with water until completely clean. Repeat this ritual every time going to sleep at night for one to two weeks.

2. Carambola Carambola is not only beneficial into food ingredients. You can use it as a treatment mask.

Not many know that the fruit is often used as a raw material to cook nutritious to eliminate acne scars on the face. Yes, the fruits are very acidic berperisa it does contain high levels of vitamin C. This vitamin is very useful to combat black spots and acne scars are still often left in advance.

To make the mask pieces of starfruit very simple. You only need to prepare 5 pieces starfruit and do not forget to wash them clean. Destroy everything until soft and add a pinch of salt. Then apply on the surface of the face, especially acne. Do this 3 times a day for maximum results.

3. Believe, silicon contained in the peppers greatly contribute in the expulsion of acne scars on the face.

Paprika has the same vitamin content of tomato fruit. The content of vitamin C contained in the peppers are very useful for eliminating acne scars are very stubborn. However, unlike the way the use of other fruits that need to be destroyed. You can eat the peppers directly or even making fresh smoothies. By way of healing from within, stubborn acne scars can easily be quelled immediately.

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