For people who get sick, the appetite is often lost so it should be triggered with appetizer-enhancing foods. But for people who are dieting or who are already obese, 4 types of food triggers this appetite should be avoided.

The look, aroma and color of the food deliberately made it interesting to make people taste to eat it. But be careful for people who are on a diet program, such foods should be avoided if you do not want the numbers on the scales to rise.

Here are 4 types of foods that often become the trigger of appetite, as reported by Boldsky, Friday (1/3/2013):

1. Decorated food (garnish)
Many studies that prove that food that looks beautiful will help increase appetite. If the look and feel of the food is intriguing, it will definitely make your hunger bigger and eager to eat it.

2. Foods are delicious
Broccoli is very healthy but very difficult to make people like it compared to kebabs that have a tempting aroma. Aroma is the main factor that makes people triggered to eat a food. Although tasty when the aroma is less tempting, then the food was not getting more attention.

3. Fresh food
Of course, freshly cooked foods are more interesting than those withered foods because they have been cooked for hours. Fresh fish will look more tempting than the old ones. Similarly, freshly cooked foods.

The same is true of fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also more attractive and have more nutritional content. For this one, it is even recommended for people who are dieting or obese people.

4. Food is red
According to Feng Shui, color can greatly affect the appetite. You may be more interested in fast food because it contains lots of red.

Psychologically, red color can increase one's appetite. Examples are strawberries, tomatoes, red peppers, red peppers and saffron. Watermelon juice can be a good choice to replace tea or coffee.

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