During this time fasting is associated with certain religious rituals or are on a diet. Now new evidence shows regular fasting is also good for heart health.

Heart researchers from the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute report that fasting not only lowers a person's risk of coronary artery disease and diabetes, but also produces significant changes in cholesterol levels.

During this disease diabetes and have high cholesterol is known as one of the risk factors of coronary heart disease. Currently coronary heart disease is still the leading cause of death.

In a recent study reported at the American College of Cardiology scientific seminar in New Orleans found that regular fasting also reduces other cardiovascular risk factors such as triglyceride levels, weight and blood sugar levels.

"This new discovery suggests that previous studies are not a coincidence," said Dr. Benjamin D Horne, PhD, MPH, director of cardiovascular and genetic epidemiology at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute, as quoted by ScienceDaily, Friday (20/5 / 2011).

Dr Horne says the new study notes reactions in the body's biological mechanism during fasting. Fasting causes the body to starve and stress, in response the body releases more cholesterol that allows it to use fat as a fuel source instead of glucose.

"This condition will reduce the amount of fat cells in the body, which is important because fewer fat cells in the body, will reduce the chances of insulin resistance or diabetes," said Dr. Horne.

Besides fasting also helps increase good cholesterol (HDL), and make human growth hormone (HGH) that works to protect muscles and metabolic balance responds more quickly that can increase the amount.

If a person has a small risk of diabetes and has more good cholesterol, then this condition will reduce the risk factors of coronary heart disease. Based on the results of this study, Dr. Horne believes that today's fasting can be prescribed as a treatment to prevent diabetes and coronary heart disease.
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