If you do not have the cost to follow the detox diet that is now popular, do not worry. There are methods that are equally efficacious for slimming and cleansing of toxins, even spiritually healthy.

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A health practitioner, Dr. Phaidon L Toruan said that fasting as in the teachings of Islam is one method of natural detox. There are many similarities between fasting with a popular detox diet, including the effects that make nausea, weakness, dizziness and so on the first day.

"This kind of effect is normal, especially in the first days of detox, but after the process goes, the body will feel healthier because it has undergone a cleaning process," said Dr. Phaidon to Health when contacted, as written Wednesday (23/4/2013) .

Similar opinion was also conveyed by dr Roy Indrasoemantri, consultant one detox diet product that is Smart Detox. He agreed that fasting can be regarded as a natural detox, but there is a risk that must be borne out of nutrient imbalance during fasting is not overcome.

"With fasting the body is rested, in Islam, if the diet does not consume supplements, the method is fasting, if during fasting and not eating enough nutrients, then the lack of nutrients end up sick," said dr Roy.

Therefore, he suggested that fasting is also supported by the provision of nutritional intake is needed, among others through supplements. Detox diet program that is widely offered generally combines two methods, namely fasting and supplementation to replace nutritional intake.

Surely not just physically healthy that is obtained when fasting as a natural detox is set with attention to nutritional balance. Spiritual and spiritual health will also be awakened because fasting is a worship that is also an expression of faith.