Everyone would want to always look younger. Therefore, most people are competing to make every effort to always look young. In fact, various surgical procedures were undertaken in order to appear younger. However, does anyone ever think that being able to stand upright in old age is also important? Imagine if facial skin is still tight, but the body has been bent? Surely we will look old with a bent body.

A good posture will make a person look younger with a face lift or Botox. Face lift is a plastic surgery to remove facial wrinkles, sagging skin, fat deposits, or visible signs of other aging for cosmetic purposes. Good posture also has benefits to maintain bone health.

Although posture bending may occur naturally with age. But we can prevent spinal damage that is often caused by osteoporosis, as well as prevent damage to the upper and middle bones.

As quoted from Health.com, Friday (9/9/2011), 10 tips that can make you stay upright at any age, among others:

1. Stretching

Most people spend time sitting in a leaning seat in front of a computer. "Stretching and increasing range of motion is important," said Jonathan F. Bean, MD, MS, MPH, an assistant professor in the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

To keep your body supple, try to wake up for a few minutes every half hour and stretch, walk, or just stand up.

2. Doing light exercise

Try this exercise: Every morning and night, lie on the floor and do the relaxation by putting both hands as if circling the head for 2 or 3 minutes.

For additional exercises, place a roll of towels on the floor, which is just below the spine, then stretch. "But do this stretch slowly and stop if you feel uncomfortable or sick," said Dr. Bean. "If you want to complete this exercise, make sure that you get the flexibility first," added Dr. Bean.

3. Sit straight

"When you have to work sitting in a chair, sitting well, straight and straight posture is a good habit," says Rebecca Seguin, PhD, a physiologist and nutritionist in Seattle.

"This can be done by getting used to it, the exercise-focused discipline of the body, such as pilates and yoga, can help the body to stay seated straight," Seguin added. Make sure your workplace is conditioned to be able to do the right posture.

4. Strengthen muscles

Pilates and yoga are great ways to build muscle strength, abdominal muscles, and pelvic area. These muscles form the basis of good posture, and strong muscles can have other benefits, ie preventing urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control. A strong muscle can even make sex more fun.

5. Do Yoga

In addition to helping to increase body awareness and muscle strength, according to Dr. Bean yoga is also the best way to build and maintain flexibility and strengthen the muscles throughout the body.

Begin to practice yoga gradually and observe the body's response. Make sure the yoga teacher understands your needs and abilities. Hatha or restorative yoga is a good exercise to begin a practice for a beginner.

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6. Strengthen the spine

After menopause, the muscles around the female spine may have weakened more severely than men. Special exercises for the back extensor muscles, the flexor of the neck, the pelvic muscles, and the side muscles are important exercises.

Trainers can help, there are even special tools for this particular muscle training. According to Dr. Beans, spinal endurance and muscle stem are also important. That's what keeps the body upright without painful taste.

7. Lift the load

Vertebral compression fractures can reduce height and are characteristic of old age. It is caused by osteoporosis which resulted in depletion of bone.

Women and men can prevent osteoporosis with some exercise, such as walking, climbing stairs, and lifting weights. "People who walk regularly during their lifetime tend to have better bone density," explains Seguin.