In general, experts advise to keep a balance between the diet and physical activity in order to gain weight. When one of the two is not done, then the target of the desired weight is also difficult to achieve.

However, a recent study from Loyola University Chicago found surprising facts about the sport, to do with an attempt to lose weight.

In this study, researchers conducted observations of 2,000 participants aged 25-40 years living in five countries: the US, Ghana, South Africa, Jamaica and Seychelles. Simply put, the researchers wanted to compare the lifestyle of the US with a population in a number of countries in Africa.

All are fitted with an accelerometer at the waist for a week, while researchers measured the weight, height and fat levels in their bodies. This tool is in charge of calculating the energy expenditure and the number of footsteps participants during the study.

Participants were then asked to perform the same experiment within one or two years later.

Researchers refer to the physical activity guidelines of the US, which currently intensity exercise such as brisk walking at least 2.5 hours per week. But apparently the participants from Ghana and the United States that follow this guide still gain weight.

Take the example of the study revealed, American men who follow these guidelines increased weight about 2 kg per year, while those who do not follow these guidelines actually decreased weight of about 3 kg.

That is, there was no significant association between physical activity of the participants in the first test with the addition or weight loss ensues.

"We indicated that physical activity may not protect you from weight gain," said lead researcher Lara Dugas, as reported by Ask Men.

Dugas explains this is because in addition to burning calories, exercise also can increase appetite. And it proved a lot of people would increase the portion of their meal after exercise and become less active whole day later.

But researchers acknowledged if the sport is shown to have a number of benefits, including reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, to improve physical and mental health.

Even so Dr. Andi Kurniawan, SpKO ofsport Medicine Center explains, many people decided to reduce the consumption of certain foods to lose weight. Yet the truth is adopting a healthy lifestyle. What is that?

First, a healthy diet. "To lose weight one should know the formula that is calorie balance. That means calories out must be more than the calories that come in," he said, as reported previously  Health.

Second, increase physical activity, because of this reason will ensure calorie food out more than calories in.

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