The air is hot and sunny, a prolonged drought turned suddenly cold weather, prolonged rain, storms, and high winds. It is customary at a time when the air suddenly changed drastically will be followed by increased cases of flu. Without selective, children and adults all became easy targets of viruses and bacteria that cause the flu.

Though you have to exert a lot of effort to maintain the health of the family, ranging from increasing the intake of vitamin C for the family, increasing consumption of vegetables and fruit, to add herbal supplements were able to warm the body after exposure to cold air, but why remains viruses and bacteria that were able to penetrate the defenses ?

Without realizing it, you and your family are already running some bad habits that can harm our health. Even sometimes a habit that has become your habit over the years. And that is the cause safeguard you do not borne fruit.

Any bad habits that can cause health problems? This article summarizes 8 of them.

    Let you late in the stress

    Work pressure, the pressure in lessons in schools, fatigue due to the effects of excessive working hours, stress due to personal problems and family and all things stressful clinically proven to lower immunity. And unnoticed by most of today's modern society, stress also often come not only from the pressures of work and family pressures, but of social activity limitation. Those who live too independently, away from social activities and social interactions often feel alone and depressed.
    Stay at home

    The air is cold, the rain that did not stop making your family and forced to survive in the home rather than move out. Yet, somehow you need fresh air and intake of the morning sun. And opted to stay at home makes you also become less mobile. All of this can lead to decreased immunity.
    Fun with snack, decrease fat with Health Blog And Reviews

    Forced to get stuck in the house, and do not know will do much less sweet than sitting front of the TV. To unwittingly all ended up with a full cassava chips. Cassava is not a dangerous type of food, but when complete crispy fried with salty condiments galore, that's where the problem could come. It could even cause your cholesterol levels begin to rise and your immunity decreases.