the wrong-consuming routine snack servings are pretty much can trigger metabolic diseases. Says a study that was just released this week in the journal FASEB.

The researchers found that people who regularly eat unhealthy snacks between meals, potentially experiencing a chain reaction in the body that ultimately lead to metabolic diseases.

Mayo Clinic defines metabolic diseases or metabolic syndrome, a condition that increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It all begins with an increase in blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, as well as increased levels of cholesterol caused by excessive eating outside the main dining hours.

Dr. Susan Wopereis and a team of researchers from TNO, Microbilogy, and Systems Biology Group in the Netherlands involving two groups of adult volunteers. One group consisted of 10 healthy people, while the other group consisted of nine people at risk of metabolic syndrome.

Both groups must first take a blood sample before being asked to drink a glass of milkshake. After a glass of high-calorie drinks are exhausted, researchers found Yanga ► NORMAL biochemical processes associated with the digestion of sugar and fats in the body of the respondents in the latter group.

The first group was then asked to regularly eat a snack between meals, such as cakes, peanuts, candy, chips every day. Researchers found that snacking habits are able to add calories into the body up to 1300 calories and after 4 weeks of walking found abnormal biochemical processes such as happened in the second group.

"Frequent eating unhealthy foods, especially junk food is a situation in which the brain says 'yes' but the body says 'no'," said Dr. Gerald Weissman, editor in chief of The FASEB Journal. Unfortunately, this study reminds us to use our brains to listen to what is needed by the body. Delicious snack turned out to have health consequences greater than that obtained delicacy, "he continued.

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