along with the high rate of obesity, the more types of diets that experts introduce or popularized by a particular public figure. That said, these diets not only can make a person's health to be better but also increase energy to shrink the size of one's pants.

But not necessarily every type of diet that can provide benefits according to everyone's wish because any type of diet that is adapted to be tailored to the physical conditions of people who run it. Probiotics
Probiotics are 'healthy bacteria' found in foods such as yogurt and kefir, fermented products such as sauerkraut, tempe and kimchi and fermented vegetables including pickles, carrots and green beans. (But since probiotics are living organisms, a number of supplements need to be inserted into the refrigerator to stay active). After swallowing, this probiotic will stay inside the digestive tract and help strengthen the immune system.

Experts say: Many doctors advise the consumption of probiotics when patients take antibiotics, especially to help preserve the presence of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. "We know women who are often stricken with yeast infections after taking antibiotics can prevent it by consuming probiotics," said Dr. David Heber, director of the Center for Human Nutrition, David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles.

Probiotics are also additional ingredients that fit your diet, especially before the flu season. People who have digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome and women susceptible to yeast infections will also be helped with probiotics.

 Chia seeds
Seeds derived from salvia plant is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. That's why some experts say that adding this bean to yogurt or smoothie helps you feel full longer.

The expert says: "In every ounce, chia seeds contain more omega 3 than salmon," says Koren Barwis, a certified health and wellness expert from Ashburn, Va. (So ​​do not be surprised if someone takes longer to eat 4 ounces of chia seed than 4 ounces of salmon meat).

"Besides the weight of chia seeds can be absorbed into the water up to 10 times so once inside the stomach they can really help filling you," he added.

Even according to a study in 2011 published in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry showed that when a number of mice were fed chia seeds, their bodies were able to better process glucose and insulin (the key to diabetes). The study also found that chia seeds help reduce fat in the internal organs of obese mice.

Chia seeds can be classified as an easy way to get more fiber and omega 3 intake, especially if your diet is less packed with fruits and vegetables or if you do not really like salmon (or take fish oil pills).

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