No doubt the chest muscles are part of a large muscle that will boost your appearance as a man. Chests that look fieldy and stocky will be better visible than flat ones.

Lots of exercise programs are offered to form the chest muscles. However with the current lifestyle, you may have limited time to exercise in the gym. Superset training pattern is the solution, with only a short time you can maximize your chest muscle exercise and growth. Here is a pattern of superset exercises for the chest that you can try:

1. Superset A [5 Set]

A. Barbell Bench Press [Up to failure / failure of every set]

B. Dumbbell Pull Over [12 Reps]

2. Superset B [5 Set]

A. Dumbbell Fly [12 Reps]

B. Incline Dumbbell Press [12 Reps]

3. Superset C [5 Set]

A. Bodyweight Dips [Until failure / fail every set]

B. Cable Crossover [12 Reps]

4. Crunch [1 Set] [Until failure / failure, minimum 30-50 reps]

5. Decline Crunch [1 Set] [Until failure / failure, minimum 30-50

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1. In the superset training pattern, use the load according to your ability, not too heavy and not too light. Make sure with the load you choose, you can complete the set number and reps that have been determined.

2. Pause break between sets 20-30 seconds, break break between supersets 30-60 seconds.

3. This exercise pattern is not intended for beginners, but if you are a beginner want to try, make sure you are accompanied by others