The body structure that makes the symmetry of a bodybuilder lies in the appearance of the broad shoulder and back muscles, the small waist, then the size of the large thigh muscles. Of all these factors, the world of bodybuilding calls it by the X factor or by the term X-Frame.

On this occasion, Bang Syafrizaldi with team will invite fitness fitness friends to taste the exercise program routinely done by Professional Sporti Athlete, especially in realizing your upper body structure to be symmetrical with big shoulders and wide back. Curious is not how the programming techniques he applied when facing a championship. Here is the review:

Before starting his training program, Syafrizal always stretching as an initial heating and flexing some parts of the muscle to be trained.
Back (Back)

Whenever syafrizal trains the back muscle, he will start his movement by chin up. This is a basic exercise that becomes his favorite every time you train your back muscles.

Movement: For the initial attitude, hang your body by holding a bar or chin up tool available. Inhale and then lift or pull your body up while exhaling. As your body lifts up, keep your chin through the bar. Because in this position the contraction of the back muscles will be more you feel. Then lower back down followed by taking a breather. Perform 3 sets with the number of reps until the failure.


After doing it with parallel hand position, this time Syafrizal invites you to execute your back muscles through Chin Up Close grip.

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Movement: Hang your hands on a bar with the attitude of both hands facing each other between the right and the left hand. Then inhale and exhale as your body lifts upward. Keep your chin through the bar, so that more muscle contraction is felt usefulness. Once in the top position, lower back to the bottom while Reps Mania inhale. Perform 3 sets in number of reps until failure.


Entering the next program technique, Syafrizal will exemplify to you how to do barbell rowing in accordance with what he routinely do. This is an exercise technique devoted to those who are experienced, but there's nothing wrong if my friend tried it during practice. As a starting position, Syafrizal stacks the plate as a foothold when he will execute barbell rowing. This strives to reach its altitude even further when the barbell begins to fall back down. The point is none other than to get the maximum muscle contraction.

Movement: Grasp the barbell you've set with the desired load. Stand on the pile of plates then lock your back waist and bend your body forward and hold it. Next pull the breath, and exhale as your barbell pulls toward the stomach. With the waist notes always locked and not bent. Do 3 sets in each set you do until failure.

T-BAR Rowing

Syafrizaldi is delighted to execute the movement through manual tools. This is evidenced by the frequent movement of T-bar rowing through a tool that is sober, like using a bar and stack plate as a foothold.

Movement: Stand on two piles of plates that have been arranged both on the right and left. Next hand a bar that has been placed in the middle of both your legs. Hold it with the position of both palms facing each other. After that bend your waist towards the front, and remember once again, lock your waist and do not let the position turn into bending. To start the movement, pull the bar towards your stomach. Exhale as you pull the bar, and take a breather as the bar begins to lower. Perform 3 sets until the muscles feel tired.



Movement: Position yourself on the pull down pull tool, then grasp the lat-pull-down bar over the width of both your shoulders. This time draw your breath when your bar pulls up to your chin height, then exhale as the bar is restored to the starting position. Do it repeatedly with the number of reps until the failure in 3 sets.


Movement: Perform this movement as Reps Mania executes the previous movement. But while pulling the bar, point the bar right behind your head until it reaches the back of the neck, followed by taking a breather. After that return to its original position while exhaling, and ready to go back to do the next repetition. Do it until the muscles feel tired in 3 sets.


Continue to the last movement to train back muscles, this time Syafrizal will invite Reps