Do the benefits of banana facial mask?, The benefits of banana mask to exfoliate the skin is rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, stimulates the regeneration of cells face. Bananas are made face masks are also good to overcome all the problems of the skin, such as acne, enlarged pores and black spots.

Important to note is the mandatory use of organic bananas to avoid any type of pesticide substances that can damage our skin.

What are the benefits of banana fruit masks for face beauty?

    to brighten the skin and reduce frown lines on the smile lines

Use bananas that have been used as a mask and rub gently around the face area to slightly dry out. For anti-aging treatments, let stand for a moment the mask for a few hours, then rinse with warm water, pat dry and add moisturizer.

    Benefits banana mask to expel acne problems

Bananas are very good for health care for the skin of acne. The content of antibacterial such as lectin and zinc can reduce the inflamed skin due to acne quickly. Apply the mask of bananas in the area with acne, and for a moment about 10 minutes before it is washed. Repeat three times a week for optimal results.

    Benefits of bananas to address the problem of eye bags

Eating a banana is very good to solve problems in the area of ​​eye bags. Potassium contained in it contains salts that can moisturize and natural liquid on the skin. This applies equally to the cucumber which aims to hydrate the skin and address the widening problems in the area of ​​eye bags.

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