Without realizing what you do at home and the environment has a significant impact on health.

Some habits seem trivial like them burning along you sleep at night, or paint the walls with the color orange.

Trivial habit that turned out to have an impact on health. Here's the explanation.

1. The light
We recommend that you turn off the lights during the night. The lights are lit during sleep makes the body's systems are confused, thereby disrupting the function of the body. As a result, disrupted hormone production and may cause health problems such as obesity, well lose it with The Flat Belly Code Review http://www.healthyguidesblog.com/2017/01/the-flat-belly-code-review-simple-and.html

2. Paint the walls
If you paint the walls of your house, orange or red, you should replace it with another color. Because the color can trigger excessive stress and fear. Brian Wansink, behavioral specialists from Cornell University, USA, said that the color of the light can stimulate the brain and make us eat faster. For the room, blue is the most appropriate. Those who did have a blue color tend to have enjoyable sex life.

3. Great Television
Adjust the size of your television screen with a distance sofa. If you have a 32-inch television, give a distance from the TV to the couch around 120 centimeters. Too close distance between the couch and the TV can cause disruption in the eyes and headaches.

4. Noisy Environment
Staying in a noisy and polluted it can cause high blood pressure. A study conducted by Imperial College in 2008 showed that the magnitude of noise over 35 decibels or the equivalent of high-powered car noise, can trigger high blood pressure, even when you're asleep.

5. Trees
According to research by Exeter University recently, the trees along the way home you can reduce the risk of depression. In addition, plants in the home also helps reduce fear, and provide tranquility for the residents.

6. Curtains room
Room curtains were thin so light can penetrate the room occupant can lead to obesity. It is based on research by The Institute of Cancer Research.

7. Neighbors
Neighbors fun was able to reduce the risk of disease, such as heart attacks. Thus the results of research The University of Michigan in 2014. Good relations with neighbors were able to raise the level of physical and emotional health, thus reducing stress levels.

8. Doors homes
If you get into the house through the kitchen door, you will have problems with weight. According to Professor Jason Halford, a psychologist at the University of Liverpool, entered the house through the kitchen door can stimulate the brain to eat, eat and eat.

9. clothesline clothing
"Drying clothes in the house to make your home more humid," said Professor Peter Howarth, a specialist in allergy and respiratory health Southampton University. Humidity of air coming from the wet clothes can cause infections and respiratory irritation, coughing, and asthma.