overeating contribute to the weight gain. To circumvent that arrive every hour meal you are not too excessive eating snacks presented, there are tricks that might sound strange but it's worth a try, you know.

Site founder healthy lifestyle ChillPill, Brandon Nguyen said that in order to overcome overeating, there are simple ways that may sound strange to many people, but it's worth a try is eating using the non-dominant hand.

"Yes, while doing that you like as a child 3 years of age who are still learning to eat. But, one simple way to force someone to be more eating slowly is using his non-dominant," said Nguyen reported Dr. Oz The Good Life.

When going to do the trick, it is meal time required may be longer. However, according to Nguyen you can try to apply this way when dinner. Not without reason, slowing down the eating process including chewing food means giving more time for the stomach to deliver full signal to the brain.

In the study of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin in the epidemic of 2011, eating with your nondominant hand proved to be effective in lowering the amount of intake. For this study, researchers gave popcorn to the 98 respondents who are going to watch a movie. There are various types of popcorn but in fact, the type does not influence the amount of popcorn consumed.

However, when respondents were asked to use non-dominant hand, the number of respondents popcorn intake fell as much as 30 percent from the previous. Well, besides using the dominant hand is not mealtime, there are some tricks you can try. Of them, use a smaller plate when eating, then try to eat at the table, not on the couch let alone while watching TV or playing games.

Then, wait about 20 minutes if you want to eat dessert. It's good, store food in the kitchen and not at the dinner table. Finish the meal was, well immediately store food in the refrigerator. Another way that can be done, brush your teeth or chew gum after dinner.

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