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increasing the body's aerobic capacity

Le 18 août 2017, 11:28 dans Humeurs 0

What is meant by aerobic capacity is the body's ability to perform aerobic work, which involves the need for oxygen (O2). Aerobic sports such as long-distance running, long-distance bike racing, triathlon, marathon, etc., which require considerable aerobic ability and also in a large enough time and also in a long time.

The characteristics of aerobic exercise are long duration, not too high intensity, and not tiring, so that lactic acid is not too much formed. Aerobic capacity or endurance or VO2 max is a major component of physical fitness. The other components are anaerobic ability, muscle strength, power of explosive (power), accuracy, skill, reaction speed and body composition. All these components must be trained in accordance with the needs of the sport. For example, clear balance is very important in aerobic exercise.

Aerobic capacity is determined by heart and lung function, as well as by genetic factors. There are some athletes who are from birth has a good aerobic capacity, so its performance is very prominent. In order to increase aerobic capacity, there are a few things to note, such as keeping in mind that aerobic capacity is a basic ability for all sports, so it must be trained properly. Must be selected athletes who are really healthy and have no heart and lung abnormalities or other body abnormalities. In addition it should also be remembered that athletes should get adequate nutrition quality and quantity. When these are met, then the training for aerobic capacity building can begin.

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The principle of increasing aerobic capacity is by increasing the ability of the heart and lungs. As is known, the heart works to pump blood throughout the body, including to the muscles. The lungs function inhaling O2 which will then be bound by Hb for immediate release. Sports exercises are exercises that are aerobic, meaning wearing O2. This exercise is also called cardio exercise (heart) because it is the heart that is trained. The way to do this is to follow the FITTE principle of F = frequency, or several times a week, I = intensity or how tired to practice, whether to exhaust or just relax, T = time / duration of practice, T = type or sorts What sport to do, that is sports that is aerobic, E = enjoy or enjoy the kind of exercise done.

Dandelion benefits for body

Le 17 août 2017, 10:24 dans Humeurs 0

You who have a large enough pages must have seen this plant. This kind of bush plants with yellow flowers are from Europe and Asia. Dandelion or randa tread is a type of grass that can grow in various places, depending on where the seeds fall flying in the wind. In accordance with the philosophy of   flowers that become cotton ball when the old is also a symbol of romance because it is very beautiful when blooming.

Though similar to grasses, dandelions have many health benefits, so it is no wonder these plants are now beginning to be cultivated. In addition to decorating the yard, all parts of the dandelion plant have benefits. Here are the benefits of dandelion for health:
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Dandelion is one of the natural diuretics provided by nature. Consuming dandelion may increase urine production. In human urine there are up to 4% fat, so the more we urinate, the more fat is wasted from the body. If a lot of fat is wasted, then the effect will lose weight without causing side effects.
Relieve diabetes

For those of you who have diabetes, dandelion can be one alternative natural treatment that is by consuming juice. How it works dandelion stimulates the production of insulin from the pancreas, so keep blood sugar remains low. Dandelion which is a natural diuretic can stimulate diabetics to urinate more often, thus helping to remove excess sugar from the body through the urine. In addition, by consuming dandelion diabetics can also maintain kidney health by eliminating sugar deposition in the kidney.
Healthy bones

In addition to natural diuretics, dandelion is also rich in calcium so it is well consumed for bone growth as well as maintaining bone strength. Dandelion is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and Luteolin which protects bones from damage as age increases caused by free radicals resulting in decreased density.
Prevent liver organ disorders

Dandelion is often used in treating liver disorders. Usually the roots and leaves are mixed into a drug. Dandelion root that has a bitter taste containing levulin and inulin is very good for regulating blood sugar levels. In addition, the two contents are also able to smooth the flow of bile to the liver. Dandelion root also contains good choline to maintain healthy liver organ.
Reduce the risk of cancer

The main cause of cancer is free radicals, for which high dandelion antioxidants can be one alternative to cancer prevention. Antioxidants consisting of vitamin-C and Luteolin is also able to detoxify the body that has the effect of protecting the body from tumor development and various types of cancer. Luteolin works to poison an important component of cancer cells, bind them and make them inactive and not reproduce. This happens in people with prostate cancer, although there has been no research on other cancers.
Normalize blood pressure

One effective way to lower blood pressure is to urinate. In fact most of these drugs use this way to cope with blood pressure. However dandelion is different because dandelion is a natural diuretic directly from nature that can increase the frequency and amount of urine disposal, so it is believed to normalize blood pressure. Dandelion also contains fiber which is very helpful in reducing cholesterol so it automatically helps in lowering blood pressure.

what women should follow to lose weight after giving birth

Le 16 août 2017, 16:40 dans Humeurs 0

Some people often associate newborns who often cry with reduced milk production. Then the ends, the mother who was accused of less attention to nutritional needs while breastfeeding. "Though the milk production process is not like that. When eating a lot of milk then its become smooth ".

Many of these developing myths give rise to a misconception among mothers. Though the most plays a role for smooth milk is the psychological condition of the mother. "If the mother is relaxed, not panicked, happy, the brain will send a signal for the production of oxytocin that plays a role in making breast milk pour out". This is why doctors often recommend that you breast-feed your baby directly because this process also stimulates the brain and makes the milk go smoothly.
Limited Eating Needs

When breastfeeding does not mean it's time to eat as much as possible for the baby. The needs of the mother's body while breastfeeding only about 1800 to 2000 kal. While the additional requirement for milk production is 300 to 700 Kal. "This is actually the key that is held for postpartum weight loss".

If you are difficult to measure how 2100 Kal portion, just follow the signal given by the body. "Eat if you feel hungry and subtract ¼ from what is needed".

The rest, eat in a balanced portion between side dishes, carbohydrate and vegetable sources. Divide the plate in three parts and fill with a balanced portion of the food. "Remember, babies only need good carbohydrates, protein, and good fats. Babies do not need sugar, flour and oil ".
His laziness to take care of Baby Himself

Many mothers are still lazy to take care of their own baby, with a variety of reasons, but in addition to reducing the portion of food, another thing that will help postpartum weight loss to be successful is taking care of the baby itself. "Taking care of your own baby can burn 175 calories / hour in women weighing up to 70 kg. It's bigger than the calories spent when walking the mall on an hour. "

You should consider maximally taking care of your own baby while on a maternity leave. And after that, my mother can still include babies in the process of slimming like exercise with baby.

Dr. Michael Johnson, an OB / GYN specialist at the University of California, Los Angeles, says there is no need to rush into the gym to get the ideal body shape immediately postpartum. During pregnancy, blood volume increases by at least 15 percent. So very reasonable if the body swell. Condition of the body that has not been too recovered it can cause new health problems.

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"Women often feel the ring on the finger is narrower during pregnancy, it is more often caused by increased blood volume," said Dr. Johnson. The fluid that makes the body look fat will decrease soon after birth through urine. Usually, urine will exit very much between two to seven days and the weight is reduced little by little.

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