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If you choose running as exercise then this is you need to know

Le 25 mars 2017, 14:50 dans Humeurs 0

A runner apparently also need a regular diet to maintain the performance of the run. Like other athletes, the nutrients needed a runner is not arbitrary obtained from various food sources. Three things are essential nutrients for runners are the following:


At least not as much as 60-65 percent carbohydrate nutrition must enter the body count of the total caloric intake. Carbohydrates are the best energy source for athletes. From a number of research have shown that carbohydrates are the energy supply more durable and quickly absorbed for the body to work better than fat or protein. Sources of carbohydrates can be obtained from rice, wheat, potatoes, and fruit.


Protein is also used as an additional energy and relieve injuries and repair damaged membranes during training. The protein content is needed about 15-20 percent of the recommended daily nutritional intake. For a more runners than recommended protein but low cholesterol fatty foods like whole grains, low-fat dairy and nuts.


Fat is needed by a runner least cover 20-25 percent. But note fats from foods that contain cholesterol and saturated fat. Good fats derived from fish and nuts could be as immune as to prevent the emergence of various diseases. The body requires daily fat as much as 3,000 mg per day of Omega-3.

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The smart way to lose weight through exercise

Le 23 mars 2017, 15:45 dans Humeurs 0

Diet becomes the first choice for many people who want to lose weight. Usually diet is most preferred, but not least also failed, and then switched to the sport. Focus excessive diet can also make people too hard in sports. Instead of losing weight, you can actually make a fatal mistake unconscious against your body. burn fat more effective with tacfit at Health Blog And Reviews


There are several things to keep in mind while focusing exercise. The burning of calories in the body also would not be indiscriminate because ata limit rules. While exercising, lest you make a fatal mistake. Here are some suggestions that you can use as a smart step in exercising judgment.


1. Do not exercise on an empty stomach


During this time the perception of many people say that the amount of fat burned will be more if exercising on an empty stomach. The statement was improper and unhealthy to put into practice. Eating before exercise is important as the energy to run the physical exercise. If exercising on an empty stomach then maybe you are exposed to stomach cramps. Preferably bowels one hour before starting to exercise.


2. Warm up before exercising = mandatory


Stretching must be done before starting to exercise. Not a few people who consider trivial stretching before exercising. Normally, before exercising the body temperature should be raised in advance so no jetlag rhythm, how to stretching. The role of stretching is to increase the heart rate and lengthen the muscles in the body to be resilient in doing sports activities. In addition, more stretching function is to prevent injury.


3. Train the entire muscle, not just one part


Regular exercise to shrink the focus of one of the limbs is not a problem, as long as you do it in a way that is good and true. Many argue that you want to shrink the stomach then do sit-ups as possible. The theory is not entirely true, you know. Our body consists of one continuous muscle tissue. Movement is perfect and was required to form one piece. For example, the abdominal muscles will be formed if you also train the pelvic muscles, back muscles, and the muscles of the body side. In addition to forming a slim stomach, your posture will be maintained perfectly.


4. Be alert signals the body after exercising


The body has its own limit physical activity. If the body's ability to limit had passed, you need to pay attention to the smallest signal given by the body. The fact that body fat will quickly disappear with frequent exercise, but your body also has limitations in work. If you feel sore after a workout, it needs to be aware and should not be continued the next day. If you are injured, your body's recovery process will be much longer than the process of removal of body fat through exercise.


Painful joint injury is the most widely experienced and new are usually completely gone after 2 days. Your time will be wasted in the recovery process. Instant results are not too good, does not it?


5. Do not force the body to a strict diet and vigorous exercise


Your body still needs calories as energy to go about their daily activities. Key safe diet and exercise is a discipline and a regular schedule. Adjust your diet with caloric intake in sufficient quantities. You also need to apply discipline to the lunch hour so that the body is not hungry faster. Strict diet will ruin your biological clock and can make you sick. You should not only focus on burning fat in the body, but also the fulfillment of nutrients that should be consumed by the body is also worthy of note. Healthy and fit better than slim, but the body is not nutritious.

Avoid overeating by using non dominant hand to eat

Le 21 mars 2017, 14:14 dans Humeurs 0

overeating contribute to the weight gain. To circumvent that arrive every hour meal you are not too excessive eating snacks presented, there are tricks that might sound strange but it's worth a try, you know.

Site founder healthy lifestyle ChillPill, Brandon Nguyen said that in order to overcome overeating, there are simple ways that may sound strange to many people, but it's worth a try is eating using the non-dominant hand.

"Yes, while doing that you like as a child 3 years of age who are still learning to eat. But, one simple way to force someone to be more eating slowly is using his non-dominant," said Nguyen reported Dr. Oz The Good Life.

When going to do the trick, it is meal time required may be longer. However, according to Nguyen you can try to apply this way when dinner. Not without reason, slowing down the eating process including chewing food means giving more time for the stomach to deliver full signal to the brain.

In the study of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin in the epidemic of 2011, eating with your nondominant hand proved to be effective in lowering the amount of intake. For this study, researchers gave popcorn to the 98 respondents who are going to watch a movie. There are various types of popcorn but in fact, the type does not influence the amount of popcorn consumed.

However, when respondents were asked to use non-dominant hand, the number of respondents popcorn intake fell as much as 30 percent from the previous. Well, besides using the dominant hand is not mealtime, there are some tricks you can try. Of them, use a smaller plate when eating, then try to eat at the table, not on the couch let alone while watching TV or playing games.

Then, wait about 20 minutes if you want to eat dessert. It's good, store food in the kitchen and not at the dinner table. Finish the meal was, well immediately store food in the refrigerator. Another way that can be done, brush your teeth or chew gum after dinner.

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