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getting healthier together is better

Le 18 septembre 2017, 16:00 dans Humeurs 0

Exercising is not only good for the physical health of yourself, but also can make healthy couples relationship.
Here are some studies collected related to it as quoted from Psychology Today:

1. #Self two, Increase happiness in relationship

According to the study, couples who often participate in challenging physical or challenging activities, feel more satisfied with the relationship. In fact, this can grow the amount of love between couples. It was reported in a study in 2000. Sports is one type of physical challenge in question.

Described by this research, this romantic closeness is triggered by physical stimulation, not because of the novelty of the challenges faced together. That is, managed to conquer a common goal of fitness, like running together, trying ballroom dance lessons, or pool together can increase romance in relationships. However, it does not explain the type of physical exercise that is competitive.

2. #Self two, Improve the efficiency of physical exercise

According to Zajonc's social theory in 1965, the presence of others will affect a person's ability to perform an activity. For people who have a fitness level or physical exercise already in the middle or higher level, inviting a partner to exercise can help drive energy output, such as speed. This is generally not immediately realized. However, this is not recommended for people who are just starting to try physical exercise routine. Because, the presence of a partner when physical training for people who are just starting can hamper the completion of a challenging exercise. Before inviting your partner, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the type of exercise.

3. #Self the two, Make the he fell in love again

Conditions after physical exercise are similar when being aroused: sweating, fast heart pounding, and shortness of breath. It is similar to the condition of romantic attraction. Many people often misunderstand these two physical conditions. Well, use this situation to make the he "in love" again. Moreover, after physical exercise is generally blood flow more smoothly, this makes skin appearance more attractive and optimal.

4. #Self two, Helps achieve fitness goals

Recent research on heterosexual couples shows, men who have an ideal body weight will be more motivated to do physical exercise when his wife provides health-related comments. Sharing physical related activities, such as a morning walk together, cycling, or attending a Zumba class with your partner will trigger more health-related chats.

However, one that should be remembered, do not rely on physical health or physical exercise habits to the couple. Linking fitness goals to things outside of self risks failing.

5. #Self two, Improve emotional bond

When exercising physically together, the couple will create the context of coordinating the movement. For example, equating running speed, throwing speed of the ball, and so forth. The activity of likening this movement will help couples emotionally equalize emotions. This is often associated with a beautiful bonding feeling with a partner. Fitness exercises with spouses create an exciting opportunity to form bonds, both for health and for relationships.
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doing diet when you don't have time to exercise

Le 11 septembre 2017, 09:42 dans Humeurs 0

Do not have time to exercise? This can help you

Especially for those of you who are lazy to exercise, the title of this article must really attract your attention. An effective diet that can help your diet process. Here are 8 effective diet ways you can get  must sweat.

    Eat before you are hungry, and stop when your stomach feels full.
    Dimming the lights and listening to sad songs will make you not want to eat too much.
    Avoid unhealthy snacks. Try a high-protein snack, like a Crisped snack.
    Choose foods that contain fiber, so easily digested by the body.
    Avoid stress, this can trigger fat accumulation in your arms, thighs and stomach.
    Lemon juice and warm water are drinks that can make you not hungry easily. Should be taken in the morning.
    Do not underestimate the break. Get enough sleep 7 - 8 hours can make you thin, give a good time for your body to rest.
    Get used to drink 2 glasses of water before eating. It can get rid of toxins and useless fat in the body.

8 How effective this diet you can make your healthy lifestyle everyday. But do not forget to exercise is also important for your body. At least take your time twice a week to exercise. For those of you who are busy, choose the sport that suits you. To get a body that is not only slim but tight will certainly require more effort, right?
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what you need to know about myths around makeup

Le 2 septembre 2017, 00:27 dans Humeurs 0

From foundation to moisturizer, primer to concealer, there are so many products that are made to make the face look beautiful. But what should be applied first? Or does it affect the outcome of our face? Dr. Shainhouse says it does not matter, when layering beauty products, the general theory is to place the active ingredients closest to the skin and from a light layer to a heavy layer.

"If you take acne medication or use anti-aging serum, apply it first, then apply a mild moisturizer, the next layer with a primer that can seal the moisture, followed by sunscreen and then makeup. Shainhouse.

5. Concealer Brighter than Skin Color
According to anti-aging expert Sharrona Katz-Moulay who served as head of aesthetics at Aesthetic by Norden, New Jersey, there are some things to consider when choosing a concealer color.

"Neutralize with a green concealer to mask red stains, while yellow concealer for camouflage dark circles, Mauve helps neutralize yellowish stains and pale skin, and white base to help minimize wrinkles," he says.

6. Expensive Makeup is the Best Product
Higher makeup prices do not necessarily mean higher quality. Even lately a lot of makeup contains the same ingredients. As a basic rule, Katz-Moulay says it's important to read the label of ingredients contained in the makeup regardless of the price.

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Avoid things like fragrances, parabens, formaldehyde (mostly in eyeshadow) and D & C, which stands for artificial colors derived from coal, tar and petroleum.Skin Deep and Think Dirty are two great ways to check products for rating health, "Katz-Moulay said.

7. Makeup Nothing Expired
Nothing lasts and lasts forever, including makeup. "These products are tested to survive within a certain period of time, but after that, the ingredients contained therein can be destroyed," said Dr. Tanzi. He also said that six months after the expiration date is a good time to get rid of makeup.

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