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The Banana juice benefits for the beauty of hair

Le 25 septembre 2016, 06:59 dans Humeurs 0

Banana juice is proven to improve hair health. In fact, all knowing when bananas just good to help the digestive system stay healthy and keep your stomach.

The study found the benefits of bananas in a blender can be used to produce smooth shiny hair. And here are some reasons why you should try using banana juice for healthy hair.
1. Vitamin Warehouse
Bananas contain vitamin B3, B5, B6 and C. When applying banana juice for hair are the same you meet the intake of vitamins for hair that you have.

2. Source of potassium
Lack of potassium in the body has been known as one of the causes of hair loss. Bananas are the best source of potassium, which means you will have less hair loss.

3. Moisturizers
In addition, banana juice smeared on the scalp also provides benefits as a hair moisturizer so as not to dry and cracked.

4. Conditioner
Fine hair so the dream of all women. If you have hair that is coarse and unruly, immediate use of banana juice as a natural conditioner. Therefore, the banana function very effectively to this problem.

5. Eggs and bananas
The eggs are always considered good for hair. When you mix the egg and banana juice, nutrients derived create your hair will be much greater.

6. Honey and banana
Honey has been known for its incredible beauty to the world. Adding a few drops of honey with the juice can be made healthy hair care package. You certainly will have the hair soft and shiny.

7. Yogurt and a banana
Mixing yogurt and bananas provide much needed nutritional benefits your hair.

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A few tips so you can avoid overeating

Le 22 septembre 2016, 10:10 dans Humeurs 0

Eating while sharing with friends and family sure is fun. But for those of you who are keeping the weight, it can be a big threat. Data show that eating both means eating 35% more, eat foursome means eating 75% more, and eating seven or more mean eating twice as much.

This can occur because when eating together with friends or family, there is a tendency to eat while chatting that makes you not focus on food. In addition, eating together will obviously be longer than when eating alone. And the longer the time to eat, the greater the temptation to keep eating and the tendency to overeat.

Tips: Not that you should not eat with friends and family, but do it right. At dinner with friends and family, try to be the last one to start eating. Then, adjust your eating pace with the slowest person on the desk. Leave a little food on the plate to indicate that you are still unfinished and avoid bid to increase.

Bigger Packages, More Snacks

Not only the size of tableware, food packaging size is also influential. The larger the size of the packaging, the more you will eat. On average, the amount consumed will be increased by 20-25% when presented with the food packaging size is large. This increase will be greater if presented is a snack. A study showed that when given the popcorn is large, the amount eaten will increase by half. How about chocolate? The amount eaten can even be increased by two-fold when given are brown with large-size packaging.

Packaging size is important because it can affect one's perception of a reasonable amount eaten. The larger the size of the packaging, it will feel more natural if these foods are consumed more.

Tip: Separate food into a bag or small packs so that you can further limit the amount eaten. Also, avoid eating directly from the large packaging. Put a small amount into another container to help you see the actual amount that will be consumed.

Your guide

Mindless Margin which means excess or shortage of 100-200 calories per day will not be felt by the body. Take advantage to lose weight without feeling heavy. Simply by cycling or jogging for 20-25 minutes each day and the weight will come down slowly but surely. But be aware, the excess calories that feels a little like a glass of soda or half a bar of chocolate every day can also cause weight gain. It is slowly, but surely.

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Diet tips with organic foods

Le 20 septembre 2016, 10:47 dans Humeurs 0

Natural diet can be initiated by eating a variety of natural foods. Reduce consumption of fast food gradually and begin replacing them with a variety of natural food ingredients are diet tips that can easily be operated by anyone. One of the natural diet tips that you can start from now on is to eat a variety of organic foods are healthy and nutritious.

What is so organic about it?

Bro, organic food is food that is managed in a natural way, without genetic engineering, and without the use of substances that are chemicals such as pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones and substances. Today, organic food is not only include various types of vegetables and fruits just Bro, but also has begun to be applied to the process of livestock production. Some tips on choosing organic foods include:
- Buy organic food seller who already trusted.
- In order for nutritional content is not easily damaged, learn to cultivate organic food practically. For example, by process into soups, steamed, or stir-fries.
- It would be nice if you and the family began to learn to grow their own organic food at home now. In addition to a more efficient and secure health, so you can grow food ingredients according to taste.

Stanford University research results from American countries shows that organic food is more healthy than foods conventionally cultivated. This can happen because through the process of organic farming, organic fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and vitamins are higher. Vitamins and antioxidants play a role in fighting free radicals. Try a natural diet with organic food Bro!

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